Who am I? 
I believe you should always be prepared.  After all, you never know when opportunity knocks on your door.  Is there a promotion on the horizon? Or a position opening up that you have been eyeballing for months? 
On the flip side ... employee layoffs, companies relocating, terminations, changes in personnel or those hoping a current employment situation is going to improve, are everyday dilemas individuals  can potentially face.  
In a perfect world, we all have long, bountiful careers with the same company that last until retirement.  Realistically, the average longevity with a company is less than three years!  

So, regardless of your situation, make sure you have a plan for any career change that may come your way.   
As a professional writer, integrated marketing consultant and advertising copywriter, I'm no stranger to creating persuasive material designed to get results.   I have had the pleasure of writing hundreds of resumes ranging from CEOs of large companies, to homemakers looking to get back into the workforce, to recent college graduates, (whose parents usually contact me panicking after they have been home for six months with no real job prospects)
A veteran of the U.S. Navy, I was fortunate to be able to use my G.I. Bill and attend Bradley University in Peoria IL.  I even graduated in 1995 with a degree in Advertising/Public Relations.  I started freelance writing for Peoria Metropolitan magazine back in 2000.  During that time I was also working for the Peoria Area Chamber of Commerce.  Although it was not my intention to start helping people with their resume woes, it escalated once people found out that I wrote articles.  Over time, I started to appriciate the gratification I recieved when I helped someone get their new job.  I enjoy sitting down with someone and knowing when the finished product comes back, they are going to be blown away by how the are showcased.
Currently, you can read my business profile articles in the Peoria Journal Star.  This evolved from hearing too many businesses lament about how their grand opening, anniversary or anything newsworthy was not important enough to be featured in the paper.   I felt it should be and decided to create an informational advertising platform that showcases local buisnesses with their events.   
There are two people in my life that are my rocks, my wife Stacey and my son Zach.    I would be like a fish on dry land without them.